Lynda Ni Duil

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 12.49.12

Lynda Ni Duil will be exhibiting Skirt , an image from a collection of work inspired by the opening chapter of the Gunter Grass book, “The Tin Drum”. The narrator informs us of his father escape from the Nazis, by finding safety under the four skirts of his mother. The “skirt’ represents a place of safety, of the unknown, of sex, and of comfort.

Lynda plays with ideas of fiction, fantasy and reality, she is interested in the way the photographic image can capture ‘the real’ yet has the ability to transform, distort and invent meaning. Photographs are often staged, using elements of performance to unseat propriety and convention. The resulting images are ‘real’, yet more focused. Lynda creates both ambivalence and ambiguity in her works, which undermine the idea of an obvious or fixed interpretation.

Lynda Ni Duil studied Fine Art at Goldsmiths College, and has an M.A from the Royal College of Art. She is a lecturer at the London College of Communications.

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