Eva Stenram

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 12.22.30Eva Stenram swapped “pornography/forest_pic_3” (Framed Digital c-type 11.8 cm x 17.7 cm, Edition of 5) for Liv’s Action Photo: Light Skin (10in x 8in Digital C-type on brushed aluminum, , Edition of 5) 2014

Eva Stenram’s photographic practice brings together analogical archival material and digital manipulation, creating new unsettling scenarios whose exact temporal and cultural coordinates are ambivalent.

Stenram often uses found images, such as negatives, magazines and images from the Internet, as her source of inspiration and working material. These are scanned or downloaded to digital files that the artist manipulates, reinterpreting at each time the image anew.

Stenram is attracted to photography’s particular relationship to looking and being looked at, surveillance and privacy. In many ways, photography is both her subject and her medium.


Twitter: @EvaStenram

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